Introducing mssql-cli - A query tool for SQL Server

We are excited to welcome mssql-cli to the dbcli org. This new command line query tool for Microsoft's SQL Server is developed by Microsoft.


Microsoft's engineers reached out to the dbcli team and pitched the idea of writing a tool for SQL Server based on pgcli and mycli. The new tool named mssql-cli will live in the dbcli org in github.

mssql-cli will ship with context-aware auto-completion, syntax highlighting, alias support, paged output and so on. Essentially all the niceties of pgcli that works with SQL Server.

Here's the official announcement from Microsoft.


A couple of months ago, I received an email from a Microsoft PM asking me about pgcli and dbcli org in github. I hopped on a skype call with the PM and a few of the MS engineers. They seemed genuinely impressed by the feature set of pgcli and mycli. I got to see a little demo of the prototype in action.

I was flattered when asked if the tool could be part of the dbcli suite. Microsoft created the tool and offered to maintain it, but it will be under the dbcli org in github.

Now the tool and the code are available for public preview.