Release v0.12.0

A feature packed release. You can install/upgrade using

$ pip install -U pgcli



  • Upgrade to prompt_toolkit version 0.26 (Thanks:Karl-Aksel Puulmann)
    • Adds Ctrl-left/right to move the cursor one word left/right respectively.
    • Internal API changes.
  • IPython integration through ipython-sql (Thanks:darikg)
    • Add an ipython magic extension to embed pgcli inside ipython. (more details to follow)
    • Results from a pgcli query are sent back to ipython.
  • Multiple sql statments in the same line separated by semi-colon. (Thanks:Karl-Aksel Puulmann)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix 'message' attribute not found exception in Python 3. (Thanks:Ludovic Gasc )
  • Use the database username as the database name instead of defaulting to OS username. (Thanks:Fran├žois Pietka)
  • Auto-completion for auto-escaped column/table names.
  • Fix i-reverse-search to work in prompt_toolkit version 0.26.