Release v0.16.0

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version by:

$ pip install -U pgcli

Check detailed instructions if you're having difficulty.

This release adds Vi-keybindings, improvements to special commands (new additions ds and df) and fix a lot of annoyances. Many thanks to the contributors.


  • Add ds special command to show sequences.
  • Add Vi mode for keybindings. This can be enabled by adding 'vi = True' in ~/.pgclirc. (Thanks: Jay Zeng)
  • Add a -v/--version flag to pgcli.
  • Add completion for TEMPLATE keyword and smart-completion for 'CREATE DATABASE blah WITH TEMPLATE <tab>'. (Thanks: Daniel Rocco)
  • Add custom decoders to json/jsonb to emulate the behavior of psql. This removes the unicode prefix (eg: u'Éowyn') in the output. (Thanks: Daniel Rocco)
  • Add df special command to show functions. (Thanks: darikg)
  • Make suggestions for special commands smarter. eg: dn - only suggests schemas. (Thanks: darikg)
  • Print out the version and other meta info about pgcli at startup.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a rare crash caused by adding new schemas to a database. (Thanks: darikg)
  • Make dt command honor the explicit schema specified in the arg. (Thanks: darikg)
  • Print BIGSERIAL type as Integer instead of Float.
  • Show completions for special commands at the beginning of a statement. (Thanks: Daniel Rocco)
  • Allow special commands to work in a multi-statement case where multiple sql statements are separated by semi-colon in the same line.