Release v0.17.0

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version by:

$ pip install -U pgcli

Check detailed instructions if you're having difficulty.

This release comes with the latest version of prompt_tookit, improved auto-completion support, better matching algorithm in auto-completion, new special commands (\e, \dT), fix CJK dispaly and a lot more. Thanks to the many contributors.


  • Add support for auto-completing view names. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

  • Add subsequence matching for completion. (Thanks: Daniel Rocco) Previously completions only matched a table name if it started with the partially typed word. Now completions will match even if the partially typed word is in the middle of a suggestion.

    eg: When you type 'mig', 'django_migrations' will be suggested.

  • Completion for built-in tables and temporary tables are suggested after entering a prefix of pg_. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

  • Add place holder doc strings for special commands that are planned for implementation. (Thanks: Iryna Cherniavska)

  • Updated version of prompt_toolkit, now matching braces are highlighted. (Thanks: Jonathan Slenders)

  • Added support for \e command. Queries can be edited in an external editor. (Thanks: Iryna Cherniavska)

    eg: When you type SELECT * FROM \e it will be opened in an external editor.

  • Add special command \dT to show datatypes. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

  • Add auto-completion support for datatypes in CREATE, SELECT etc. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

  • Improve the auto-completion in WHERE clause with logical operators. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix the table formatting while printing multi-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese etc). (Thanks: 蔡佳男)
  • Fix a crash when pg_catalog was present in search path. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)
  • Fixed a bug that broke \e when prompt_tookit was updated. (Thanks: François Pietka)
  • Fix the display of triggers as shown in the \d output. (Thanks: Dimitar Roustchev)
  • Fix broken auto-completion for INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN etc. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)
  • Fix incorrect super() calls in pgbuffer, pgtoolbar and pgcompleter. No change in functionality but protects against future problems. (Thanks: Daniel Rocco)
  • Add missing schema completion for CREATE and DROP statements. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)
  • Minor fixes around cursor cleanup.