Release v0.19.0

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version by:

$ pip install -U pgcli

Check detailed instructions if you're having difficulty.

This release comes with metadata information in the completion menus. Now you can see whether a completion suggestion is a table or a schema or a view. New special command (\i), latest prompt_toolkit with wider completion menus.


  • Wider completion menus can be enabled via the config file. (Thanks: Jonathan Slenders)

    Open the config file (~/.pgclirc) and check if you have wider_completion_menu option available. If not add it in and set it to True.

  • Completion menu now has metadata information such as schema, table, column, view, etc., next to the suggestions. (Thanks: Darik Gamble)

  • Customizable history file location via config file. (Thanks: Çağatay Yüksel)

    Add this line to your config file (~/.pgclirc) to customize where to store the history file.

history_file = /path/to/history/file
  • Add support for running queries from a file using \i special command. (Thanks: Michael Kaminsky)

Bug Fixes:

  • Always use utf-8 for database encoding regardless of the default encoding used by the database.
  • Fix for None dereference on \d schemaname. with sequence. (Thanks: Nathan Jhaveri)
  • Fix a crashing bug in the autocompletion engine for some JOIN queries.
  • Handle KeyboardInterrupt in pager and not quit pgcli as a consequence.

Internal Changes: