Release v1.7.0

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version using:

$ pip install -U pgcli


  • Refresh completions after COMMIT or ROLLBACK. (Thanks: Irina Truong)
  • Use dbcli's Homebrew tap for installing pgcli on macOS (issue #718) (Thanks: Thomas Roten).
  • Only set LESS environment variable if it's unset. (Thanks: Irina Truong)
  • Quote schema in SET SCHEMA statement (issue #469) (Thanks: Irina Truong)
  • Use CLI Helpers for pretty printing query results (Thanks: Thomas Roten).
  • Skip serial columns when expanding * for INSERT INTO foo(* (Thanks: Joakim Koljonen).
  • Command line option to list databases (issue #206) (Thanks: Fran├žois Pietka)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed DSN aliases not being read from custom pgclirc (issue #717). (Thanks: Irina Truong).