Release v1.8.0

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version using:

$ pip install -U pgcli


  • Add fish-style auto-suggestion from history. (Thanks: Amjith Ramanujam)
  • Improved formatting of arrays in output (Thanks: Joakim Koljonen)
  • Don't quote identifiers that are non-reserved keywords. (Thanks: Joakim Koljonen)
  • Remove the ... in the continuation prompt and use empty space instead. (Thanks: Amjith Ramanujam)
  • Add conninfo and handle more parameters with c (issue #716) (Thanks: François Pietka)

Internal changes:

  • Preliminary work for a future change in outputting results that uses less memory. (Thanks: Dick Marinus)
  • Remove import workaround for OrderedDict, required for python < 2.7. (Thanks: Andrew Speed)
  • Use less memory when formatting results for display (Thanks: Dick Marinus).
  • Port auto_vertical feature test from mycli to pgcli. (Thanks: Dick Marinus)
  • Drop wcwidth dependency (Thanks: Dick Marinus)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix the way we get host when using DSN (issue #765) (Thanks: François Pietka)
  • Add missing keyword COLUMN after DROP (issue #769) (Thanks: François Pietka)
  • Don't include arguments in function suggestions for backslash commands (Thanks: Joakim Koljonen)
  • Optionally use POSTGRES_USER, POSTGRES_HOST POSTGRES_PASSWORD from environment (Thanks: Dick Marinus)