Launching LiteCLI

Today we are happy to announce the launch of LiteCLI!

LiteCLI is a user-friendly CommandLine client for SQLite database.


It is based on the popular pgcli and mycli projects.

LiteCLI is written in python using the wonderful prompt-toolkit library. It is cross-platform compatible and it is tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

It is developed by a team of core devs from around the world. We are friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

The project is lead by Delgermurun. The core team includes Irina Truong, Dick Marinus, Zhaolong Zhu and Amjith

If you're interested in using the project, check out the quick start guide or the installation guide.

If you're interested in helping us develop litecli you can find the code hosted on github.

Check out our contributing document.

LiteCLI is the latest addition to the DBCLI suite of tools.