Release v0.15.X

Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres database that does auto-completion and syntax highlighting. You can install this version by:

$ pip install -U pgcli

Check detailed instructions if you're having difficulty.

This version adds more color schemes to the syntax highlighting. An attempt to add support for PyPy by using psycopg2cffi failed. Python 3 support for psycopg2cffi was only added recently and there are still a few corner cases where it fails.


  • Add syntax color styles to config. Try syntax_style=fruity. Availble themes are manni, igor, xcode, vim, autumn, vs, rrt, native, perldoc, borland, tango, emacs, friendly, monokai, paraiso-dark, colorful, murphy, bw, pastie, paraiso-light, trac, default, fruity.
  • Add auto-completion for COPY statements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Treat boolean values as strings instead of ints.
  • Make di, dv and dt to be schema aware. (Thanks: darikg)
  • Make column name display unicode compatible.
  • Override the LESS options completely instead of appending to it.