Release v0.19.2


  • Autocompletion for database name in c and connect. (Thanks: Darik Gamble).
  • Improved multiline query support by correctly handling open quotes. (Thanks: Darik Gamble).
  • Added pager command.
  • Enhanced i to run multiple queries and display the results for each of them
  • Added keywords to suggestions after WHERE clause.
  • Enabled autocompletion in named queries. (Thanks: Iryna Cherniavska).
  • Path to .pgclirc can be specified in command line. (Thanks: Iryna Cherniavska).
  • Added support for pg_service_conf file. (Thanks: Iryna Cherniavska).
  • Added custom styles. (Contributor: Darik Gamble).

Internal Changes:


  • Fixed the completer crashing on invalid SQL. (Thanks: Darik Gamble).
  • Fixed unicode issues, updated tests and fixed broken tests.